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How to make a great Placement Brochure ?

Placement Brochure Design

A placement brochure is meant to convince prospective recruiters to visit the institute and recruit suitable candidates. So, a lot of afterthought and planning goes in it. Primarily, you need to be clear about the message you want to convey through the brochure.

Make a list of things to include in the brochure

Before you begin designing the brochure, you need to be certain about the content that goes into it. Take some time out to analyse the positive aspects and merits of your institute and outline them in brief. You can begin with welcome messages from the Director of the institute and a word from the Placement Coordinator. Some important topics to be covered are ­– infrastructure, programmes offered, course structure, faculty, student activities, alumni and placement related information and student profiles. Some other topics which might provide credibility are – student achievements, corporate interaction and testimonials from some recruiters.

Segregate and prioritise content in order of presentation

Once you make a list of things to include in the brochure, classify them into different categories so as to present them in a lucid manner. Prioritise content and keep it brief because brochures need to be short and crisp. It is important to be ready with the content before you begin designing the brochure. Proof-read the content for typos and errors at an early stage.

Provide a strong reason for recruiters to visit your institute

A brochure needs to evoke a positive response from recruiters. In other words, you need to include content that gives recruiters a strong reason to visit your institute. So, include short write-ups like “What our institutes means to recruiters?”, “Why recruiting our students is a smart business decision?”

Additionally, include a list of other recruiters who visit your institute. Presence of a few reputed names is indicative of the high quality of students and hence, recruiters are more likely than not to be convinced.

You also need to be clear about placement calendar, clearly mentioning the dates, requirements, placement process and steps to be followed.

Collect, collate and compile student profile data

Student profiles are the most important aspect of the placement brochure. Compile the profiles by following strict guidelines regarding the structure of the fields. Formatting of the profiles has to be consistent. You may group the profiles based on parameters like work experience or specialisation. Students should look smart and confident in the profile photos.

Enhance brochure with a Theme, intelligently selected Pictures and Infographics

Choosing an appropriate theme based on a strong concept might help you differentiate your placement brochure from others. The concept should augment the content and not marginalise the same. It should also portray the unique positioning and strengths of your batch / institute. An interesting theme draws in the reader.

Pictures add a lot of value to your brochure. Include aesthetically shot photographs of institute infrastructure, group photos of students, college campus and other interesting images. A right mix of student photographs in both casual and formal environments is helpful.

Numbers can be boring. They don’t mean much on their own. But it makes a lot of difference when you use infographics instead. They help the reader visualise numbers and remember them too.

Discuss with the designer

When you are certain about all the content that needs to go into the brochure, discuss with the designer regarding the layout and presentation of the brochure. The designer’s experience is of great help when you make a placement brochure. Request the designer to give you the first cut of the brochure so that you can analyse its effectiveness. Timely analysis and corrections can save you a lot of time and improve quality of brochure.

PlacementKloud is an enhancement over your online placement brochure. At, you can get in touch with recruiters, create microsites, upload database of student profiles – share link with recruiters on social media or invite them to view profiles. While recruiters can easily shortlist profiles using effective filters.

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